Winner of Best Political Documentary (2006 Atlanta Docufest)

What if your local football team was celebrating its Super Bowl victory when the referee burst in to announce that a small percentage of the spectators were unhappy with the outcome and so the game would have to be played again? That's what it felt like to Paul Mariano when he learned that 12% of the California electorate could undue the results of a legitimate governor's election, and force a special recall vote. Also Ran examines the bizarre world of the 2003 California Governor recall election; an election that was unprecedented in California history, and soon became a circus, with a list of 135 candidates that included a porn actress, an Austrian bodybuilder and-oh, yes, Paul Mariano. This documentary about the unprecedented 2003 California Governor’s recall election reveals Paul Mariano’s sometimes funny, sometimes poignant campaign to keep Gray Davis Governor.

“The documentary (is) part War Room and part Schoolhouse Rock. It’s both a whimsical and a serious look at the hijacking of democracy.”