BEING GEORGE CLOONEY (In postproduction)
Francesco Pannofino. Martin Umbach. Shaktee Singh. Tamer Karadagli. Marco Antônio Costa. Detlef Bierstedt. What do all of these men have in common? They are the international voices of acclaimed actor George Clooney. Being George Clooney is a feature length documentary that delves into the creative, often humorous world of audio dubbing a Hollywood motion picture. The story unfolds through interviews with film directors and producers, with dubbing crews, and with talented voice actors from around the world.

A climate change adventure story. A Bangladeshi teenager takes her uncertain future into her own hands to change the destiny of her family, her country and the planet. Website: NousheensQuestion

NOT YOUR MOTHER’S WASHBOARD (In post production)
While our great grandmothers may have used washboards to wash clothes, their great granddaughters are using them to make beautiful music. Not Your Mother’s Washboard looks at the history and popularity of this distinctive and unique musical instrument. “When you look at the history of many types of music…Cajun, skiffle, or blues…you’re looking at the history of the washboard”. Meet the men and women who keep “the beat” going and this musical tradition alive.

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