READ MY LIPS (In preproduction)

What do Madonna, Courtney Cox and Whoopi Goldberg have in common? They are all audio-dubbed in France by the same voice artist. In Spain, the same artist dubs Clint Eastwood and Darth Vader. As Hollywood depends more and more on international box office revenues, voiceover dubbing has become big (billions of dollars a year) business. Who are these unknown artists, and how do they recreate Hollywood magic? Read My Lips examines the creative, and often humorous process of audio dubbing a motion picture.

A climate change adventure story.

A determined Bangladeshi student hires an American private investigator to find the truth about climate change.

NOT YOUR MOTHER’S WASHBOARD (In post production)

While our great grandmothers may have used washboards to wash clothes, their great granddaughters are using them to make beautiful music. Not Your Mother’s Washboard looks at the history and popularity of this distinctive and unique musical instrument. “When you look at the history of many types of music…Cajun, skiffle, or blues…you’re looking at the history of the washboard”. Meet the men and women who keep “the beat” going and this musical tradition alive.

NO MAN LEFT BEHIND (In preproduction)

Our young men & women are sent to foreign countries to kill and be killed. We extol their bravery and their sacrifice. We mourn their loss. But as the newest generation of combat veterans return home, damaged in mind & body, what is the United States government doing to assist those who deserve “nothing but the best”?

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