Title:Sorted or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Save the World

Trailer:Coming Soon


SORTED is a feature length documentary about a remarkable young woman looking for answers. This is not just another climate change documentary with isolated polar bears stranded on ice floes. This is the story of a real person, with hope for a real future, exploring the world she lives in and coming to realize that sometimes there is no perfect solution. But there is always hope.

Nousheen is a modern woman living in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a 21st- century megacity. She gossips on Facebook with her friends, speaks four languages, and recently graduated from the University of Dhaka. She is excited about her future.

However, she often wonders if her world has a future. Every day, Nousheen sees the evidence of a radically changing planet in her beloved city of Dhaka. A city often cited as the most climate vulnerable city in the world. It is clear she exists is on the front lines of climate change. Her entire society is living on borrowed time.

This is not a documentary that tells the audience what to think with manipulative montages of climate catastrophes or staid talking heads lecturing us on how we are destroying the world. This is Nousheen's story, the story of a smart young woman you haven't seen before. Instead of shots of smokestacks spewing out pollution, there will be a story of an amazing young woman exploring the world and learning how one determined person can make a difference.